The Qatar A380 + Dreamliner Experience

It’s been sooo long since I last wrote!  Well, it’s because I’ve been travelling quite a bit…

So, what better way to restart my blogging, than to write about “Qatar”!


Now, Qatar Airways is probably the default airline to click onto for cheap fares to Europe.  While Cathay Pacific and Virgin etc. are selling for HK$5000 upwards return, Qatar is probably selling at the most 2/3 that price.  Often, even less..

(PS: That big teddy bear at Qatar airport should be instantly recognisable by all who passed through the airport.  I never knew why they choose it as a mascot though??)


So, the Qatar experience starts with travelling on a whale.  aka, the A380.


New new new.  With nice mood lighting….


Which goes on all the way into Economy.  Yes, economy has flowers too….


Important tip here:  ALWAYS request for the upper deck whenever you know that an A380 is flying that route.  Why?


Cause you get this cubby next to you…  Sooo convenient, and makes for a really nice armrest too!


Plus, it’s a much quieter, smaller cabin.

Food-wise, hmm, pretty average though.  Weird purple coleslaw, but nice bread!


Standard breakfast offering


And this is another breakfast, on the way back..  Note the nice metal cutlery!


On the way back from London…  This plane took us over Iran.  Which is safer than flying over Mosul, Kirkuk, I guess….


All-in-all, it’s been 2 great great flights!  I bought my tickets return to London at HK$2700 including all taxes.  What a bargain!


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