Land of fab cafes

I just returned from a land of great cafes…

Yes!  Of all the places I’ve been to, Australia does have the best cafes…

For 2 simple reasons.  They have the highest percentage of cafes that does well in both coffee AND food.  Cause that’s what makes a good cafe…  Coffee + Food!


Look at this beaaautiful mocha!  

Let’s think about the competition:

United States:  Big mugs, but bad coffee

Italy:  Small tiny cups at expensive prices

UK:  Good coffee but not much food in most cafes

Asia:  Chains, mostly.

New Zealand:  Ahh, my hometown comes close.  But the food loses out by just an edge to Australia.


Look at this Eggs Benedict…  Mmm….  Fresh smoked salmon, big yummy eggs, lots of hollandaise sauce at just the right taste plus pretty chia seeds and greens.

I sampled this at:


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