A short meal break in KL

In a few hours, I’ll be flying off from Hong Kong!  YAY!

Which led me to think back of my last trip, which included a stopover in Kuala Lumpur!

Now, take this from a frequent traveller:  If you’re after cheap and good food, there’s really no place like Kuala Lumpur!  

OK, maybe that was a teensy weensy bit exaggerated.  But KL really has good food!

Like..  Really traditional Chinese food.  The type of cooking that’s hard to find now, even in China.


This is a “Fukien” Noodle.  Dark soy sauce, loads of it, stir-fried with noodles.  This is really as authentic as it gets.


Drinks are cheap too…  Whole coconut?  A couple of “ringgits”, almost as cheap as water.


Some Indian-influenced cuisine?  Like this Roti Prata…  My favorite staple!


Or how about some good ole traditional Malaysian fare?  Nasi Lemak, Kaya Toast, Chai

So if you’re going to / stopping over KL, remember to save an empty stomach!

Happy travels everyone!


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