Welcome Break!

I adore highway pit-stops.  

Somehow, it’s the combination of getting behind the wheel for a long road trip, an oh-so-relaxed mood while on holiday and the curiosity of stopping at different places while using minimal effort (just to get off on a short off-ramp).

So for when I lived long-term in Auckland, I always made a point to stop by McDonald’s everytime we drove south.  Ahh, good old breakfast stop.  Must stop, no matter what.

So for my last “self-drive” holiday, which was in UK, how could I resist?


They call them “Welcome Break”!  And each is fairly similar…  Featuring a Drive-Thru Starbucks Coffee…


You can see that I stopped for coffee though…


Oh, and really, the BEST  fish-and-chips.  Not the pretentious kind that you find in London Central.  But the good old fashioned BIG-AS fresh fillets.  YUMMY!


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