Geiste – Danish Tapas

Of all the restaurants I’ve eaten, this restaurant in Copenhagen is probably the BEST.  




Let’s start from the menu, which is clean, simple, bistro style.  So you get the feeling right from the start that this place is not pretentious (by big clunky menus), but rather, a place for a good night out!


Next up, the breads win me over…  I’m a big “breads” person, the type that will ask for second and third helpings even before the meals come.  And this place was heaping us on with free-flow freshly baked breads of all sorts of varieties, so that’s a big tick-tick!


Now, every restauraunt needs to find something to stand out from the rest.  Here, it’s the emphasis on freshness plus creativity.

This 1st dish is a steak tartare….  Makes for such a nice appetizer…   You probably can’t tell from the fresh leaves covering it, but put a spoon into your mouth, and the raw freshness of the steak is..  Mmm….


Next up, Norway Lobster with Yuzu and Hibiscus…  You probably can’t tell, once again, by its outlook.  But trust me, it is FRESH, and it’s amazing how all these flavours blend so well together.  Such creativity!


Now, let’s get on to some mains.  And this dish is lovingly called “Heart of lamb with Cherries and Wood Sorrel“.  Yes, these are diced lamb-hearts, with heart-shaped leaves finished with a cherry based sauce…

Very different to anything I’ve ever tried, but once again, so good…..  


And last but not least, dessert…  And this, is a….  Cotton Candy?  No.  It’s a “Air Tiramisu”.  Fancy that!


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