THE Duck & Waffle all the latest talk of Brexit, I thought it would be a good time to restart my blog with a latest review of the Duck & Waffle, which we went to back in Easter…


Now, what is special (I think) about this place, is that it is high up…  In a tall building called the Hereen.  Which in London, is pretty rare…

But hey, does the food match up?


This place is impossible to walk-in, so we did a months ahead reservation, managing only though for Supper…  So, for supper, here’s “Duck & Waffle”!  What else!?

Which is good.  Better than Denny’s waffles.  Nicely fried egg.  Duck was NICE, but small…


Steamed egg!  Hmm, with duck?  Ahh, this was much better…  Properly hot, rich sauced.  Mmm, nice supper!


And to end supper?  Some desserts, which I had in the form of a “Chocolate Banana Toffee Ice Cream waffle”…  Loved how they caramelized the banana..  Mmm…

Overall experience?  Duck & Waffle is a great restaurant with good food, which, open 24hrs is a great place to go for some snacks..  Problem is?  The looooong waitlists will mean that you can’t just show up, even if you’re suddenly craving for supper.  Kinda defeats the point, doesn’t it?



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