Oldest dining place in the world

For those of you who are on my Facebook, you’ll know that I spent Easter trotting around good ole England and Scandinavia..  With a holiday comes good food, so for a few blogs that follow, let’s move from Hong Kong to Europe…

Now, what better place to start off, than the oldest eating house in the world.  I give you “Sally Lunn’s”, from 1680.


Now, this very old eating house is in Bath.  Down a small little alley, and this had been operating for more than 300 years.  Wow, is all that I can say.


The interior was kept roughly the same for all these years…  Uhh, except for the introduction of Wi-fi, I think.  But hey, the food is what we’re really concerned about, right?


And here it is!  The Sally Lunn Bun.  Ahh, this is all they serve here.  Buns.  It’s a really good bun!  But I’m so glad I live in this century, where there are lots more choices…


And hey, here’s the old kitchen.  Down in the basement, where it was originally a bakery + teahouse.

Do go for a bit of living history if you happen to be in Bath!  The feeling of sitting in a centuries old restaurant is worth it!


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