In the search for good Singapore Hawker Food

Sounds easy enough???  No….

The author yours truly is writing from Hong Kong.  But I’ve managed to beat the odds to find some great fare at good old Hakwer No. 18!


Nice plates!  I’m a sucker for pretty plates and decor….


But hey, this test is all about food, right?  So, the 1st test dish would be a Char Kuey Teow!

Result:  8/10  (Great authentic taste, the fish cake is all there, together with the mixed noodles.  Ahh, authentic enough.  But wait!  Where’s the sea hump???)


Next up…  A lamb shank curry…

Result:  9/10 (Right.  Maybe not an authentic dish, but that’s right!  This got 9/10!  Cause the mutton is sooooooo tender, goes sooooooo well with the curry.  I’m so hungry now!)


Back to authentic dishes.  Carrot cake!

Result:  8/10  (Taste JUST RIGHT!  And hey, why don’t they make big lumps in Singapore / Malaysia, as they do here?  Good improvement and innovation, makes for great satisfying bites!)


And finally…  Salted prawn paste chicken wings…

Result:  N/A, but yum!  (Yes, this is probably more Hong Kong than Singapore.  But it just tastes good!)

Overall result:  As they would say in Singlish slang:  CAN.  Can go la…


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