McDonald’s – The next Gen


So after a few months after “Create your Taste” outlets have been popping up all over Hong Kong, I finally got to trying one…

I must say, the new store design is pretty nice!  Yes, it’s still Hong Kong, so there are lots of people and noise, so it’s far from being a quiet little cafe… But it’s one up from a normal McDonald’s, more classy…


So, basically, you order from a screen…  Quite complicated, actually.  Have to go through 8 / 9 steps before you finish assembling a burger, which you can choose from ingredients like Beef patties, pineapple, veges, sauces, egg, etc, etc…


And here is my finished product!  It’s worth more than HK$130!  Consisting of 3 beef patties (yes, a bit overboard), brie cheese, egg, tomatoes, sauces…

Is it good?  YES!  Hey, I created this, so there’s a certain proudness factor there.  But it is a teeny bit expensive for McDonald’s though…  So, I think this is good for a try, but hey, Double Quarter Pounder with cheese for me please….


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