Shinkansen sushi!

Remember the 1st sushi restaurant you went to?  For most of us, I think it’s fair to say that “Sushi trains” and “Sushi” have come hand-in-hand.

Well, over the years, Sushi has certainly involved.  No longer “fancy Japanese food”, they’re now as common as a sandwich (hey, maybe even more so) and there are probably as many sushi outlets as there are McDonald’s.

Well, how about that Sushi train?  Now…  It’s no longer JUST a conveyor belt!

It’s a Shinkansen!!!!!

Which serves your just-made sushi directly to you!


How it works:  You order from a fancy touch-screen monitor, and a few minutes later, the train delivers your sushi!  It waits for a few seconds, sounds a buzzer (to remind you to collect your sushi fast!), and then it zooms away!  How fun!


In Hong Kong, available at selected Genki sushi:


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