Ham & Sherry

Now, just before we went to this place with my fellow Foodie pals, a friend exclaimed with excitement that this was opened by the same people who owned “22 Ships”, which was also on Ship Street in Wanchai….  To which, I flatly commented that 22 Ships was “ugh”…  But she still insisted that this place was good, so here comes a review….

In short..  Still..  “ugh”!

Parma Ham….  Really expensive parma ham.  This platter costs close to $200?  Hmm….  Nothing spectacular….

Deep fried squid!  With squid ink sauce!  And this was….  Well, just as nice, actually, maybe less, than those fried squid you get in Chinese dim sum restaurants.  And the squid ink sauce?  Well, I can’t taste anything….  And yup, this costs another $150-200-ish.

Choritzo on ciabatta!  Now, this was good, with a nice honey glaze!  Now, if this didn’t cost another $100 or so I’ll say this was very good, but it did, so for sausages on bread…  This was OK.

Paella was good.  But it was another $200 dish and I was still hungry!  Btw, I had to share this tiny little bowl with 2 others..  Thank goodness by this time they said they were getting full!

And finally, the dessert!  Which I had high hopes of……….  And fell flat.  The little red rectangles there are carrots.  Honey glazed carrots.  On top of a cherry sherbet.  With red beans.  With some weeds from a poor little garden bed.  Yes, this was supposed to look like a garden bed.  WHY????

So yup.  We were then off to pay a $300 dinner bill each.  I was still hungry.  Very unsatisfying.  Bad restaurant.


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