Goobne Chicken – From Korea!

The menu says : “Korea’s No. 1 oven roasted chicken“!

Well, who can resist such a claim?  Let’s try!

And yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, it’s so good!  I can see why people get addicted to such stuff!  It’s tantalising on the taste buds, spicy and hot, but not to the extent you have to keep washing it down with a drink…  And it’s tender on the inside!  It’s like..  KFC on steroids!  Mmmm…..

Other than the chicken…  Nope, they don’t do much other foods at all.  Here’s one of the few, and quite popular food items other than the chicken.  An egg roll wrap!  Great with all the sauces!

Ahh, and people come here for the drinks too!  Here’s a blue….  Orange slushy!  Goes great with the spicy chicken!

Want to try and taste some Korean chicken?  Yes, Goobne’s quite authentic!  It does help when it has all its Korean legit heritage to back it up!

Goobne in Hong Kong:
Address: 4 Hart Ave
Phone:2311 0001
Open till 4am!


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