Kith @ Singapore

So, lots and lots of new cafes opening in Hong Kong, and also apparently, in Singapore!  Now, the Hong Kong ones are really top-notch, with good coffee, good food, great decor, amazing style.  Albeit in hard-to-find off-beat places.

How’s Singapore’s?  Let’s check out Kith…

Oooo, look at the scrambled eggs.  So good!  And the thick slabs of wholegrain toast, can’t go wrong with that!

Alas…  Quality starts to drop right after that…  The bacon, as you can see, is super dry.  Not the crispy full of flavour type though.  This is dry, period.  Just a 50/50 for the “All Day Breakfast” that makes / breaks a cafe…

Now, what about the vegeterian selection?  Mushrooms?  Fab!  Bread?  Great!  Veges?  Uhh, not so much…  The proportions are not quite right too..   You can see that the chef obviously is penny-pinching here..  Less the expensive cheese, more the cheaper greens…

Now, on the Truffle Fries!  Somehow, Singaporeans are crazy for this…  Well, how are the Fries?  As they say…  OK la..  So-so la..  CAN.

So, how’s this cafe overall?  Hmmm, not as fantastically good as I hoped it would be, but it’s a nice place to fill up your stomachs, watch the day go by…  If this came to Hong Kong though?  I think the high rents will kill it in a few months….



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