Honestbee – “We bring your groceries to you”!

Honestbee:  “We bring your groceries to you“!

No..  That’s not their official slogan, but it’s basically their services in a nutshell.  They have just expanded from Singapore to Hong Kong recently (anyone try before….  ?) and I was invited to try out their services…

And so I did!

Very cute bag…  Certainly got the attention of my colleagues!

Here’s their ordering page:


In Singapore, they network with the big supermarkets like NTUC, etc.  Here, the main bulk comes from “GREAT”!


Felt like having a western dinner, so, my intended menu was as follows:

  1.  STEAK!
  2. Mashed Potatoes
  3. Some greens….

Unfortunately though, they’re still in their infancy so I couldn’t find any of those powdered mashed potato mix..  Hmm….

Eventually ordered:


All set!  Ooooo, for those who are wondering what’s the difference with HKTV Mall, this “Honestbee” is MUCH FASTER with delivery (same day!), more expensive, and less variety…  If you want to put it in a nice way, more “Premium“!

And here’s what I ended up with…  Ta-da!

Which was…..  Bad.  Spot……The ONE steak.  With the original price label of..  $140.  Eh, doesn’t tally with the shopping receipt?

Tomatoes are really nice though.

Not the eggplant.  That was a surprise.  But this IS the difference between online shopping <-> seeing the real thing..  Oh well.

This steak (singular) is REALLY NICE though!

Goes well with the tomatoes, and….  A frozen pizza from the fridge.

Overall comments on Honestbee?  Nice website, GREAT try!  Very good customer service (hmm, wonder if they will see this post and make some amends!?) (*hopeful thinking*)….  The ordering items part still needs some work though.  But hey, more competition is always good for the consumer, right?  Here’s hoping they succeed!

If you do want to try it out (oh, but do check the items ordered carefully): www.honestbee.hk


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