Japanese @ Home

Hong Kong-ers just love Japanese food…  Sushi joints, japanese styled buffets, Yakitori shops…  You’re bound to see a queue in front of these restaurants!

Of course, I’m no exception.  Japanese food seems to be healthier, is always beautifully presented, and with such a variety of flavours (Raw=Sashimi, Fried=Tempura, Steamed=Chawanmushi, etc), what’s not to like!?
So, I set about creating a home-made Japanese menu!

And so, I decided that the main would be TEMPURA PRAWN!

Which turns out to be much harder than I thought…

Of course, some “Green”, or rather, “White” is needed for a balanced diet.   Tofu with sesame dressing!

And here’s some protein!  Grilled mackerel!

So anyway, back to the Tempura Prawns..

So, how did I make the above?  For the tempura prawns, first step…

Covering the prawns with batter.  Which I self-made with Tapioca Starch and Flour.  Of course, if you’re lazy, or want better results, you can always go the easy route and just buy some “Tempura batter”!

A second easy step…  Deep-frying!

As for the grilled mackerel, this was just simply done by pan-frying it…  The tofu is really the easiest.  Just buy some ready-to-eat tofu, dress with some “roasted seasame sauce” which you can find in all supermarkets, and that’s it!

Oh, but cooking must include some failures.  Here’s one..  A way over-steamed Chawanmushi!

So that’s it!  Instead of queing at all those japanese restaurants for hours on end, why not try a Japanese dinner at home?


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