Healthy Chinese cooking

Healthy and Chinese cooking does not always come hand-in-hand.  Quite often, people equates Chinese cooking to being oily, deep-fried foods, stir-fry, fermented foods, etc.  But that’s not all true.  Here are a 3 dishes that are healthy, and oh, so easy to make!

The 1st is a personal favorite, and 1 that is bound to come across every Chinese table..  Steamed fish!

I believe I don’t have to go into the details for this, right?  Just buy a fish, wash it clean, dry it.  Then, steam it!  Add soy sauce to add flavour!  Done!

Now, the 2nd…  Egg with chives!

So, step 1…  Chop the Chives like a mad man!

Step 2:  Add in a slurry of scrambled eggs..  Fry till well done!

And now, this final dish is probably the EASIEST ever!  Fish cakes!

Just buy some minced fish meat…  Lightly season with some salt.  Fry, till golden brown on both sides, then add a bit of white pepper to add taste!  And it’s done!

Completion time for 3 dishes: 30 mins max!  So easy, right?


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