Hi Jamie…

Yes, it has been more than a year plus since Jamie opened shop in Hong Kong, but I’ve only tried it recently…  Why?  For the simple reason that I have always been avoidant of queues.  And this Jamie Oliver’s had queues of up to a few hours only up until recently….

So yes, I’m finally here!  Hello, Causeway Bay Jamie’s!

So, let’s start with what the waiter strongly recommended.  A buffalo cheese tomato salad.  Hmmm…  It’s nice.  Not great though.  Nothing spectacular.  The waiter should probably have chosen a better dish to recommend as his personal No. One.

Now, this second appetizer was much better!  A simple meatballs wrapped with bacon baked in Tomato Ragu…  Mmm…..  Tantalizing!  I can imagine Jamie just dumping everything in this bake-dish, adding a “dash” of Olive oil, and then shoving it into the oven, and…  Voila!

So, on to the Main I had..  Which was a very very very very very nice Pork Milanese!  You’re probably thinking, that you can find this at any old Cafe de Coral with its 炸豬扒!  But noooo…  This was so much better!  I think it really comes down to the meat, it’s fresh from Spain, I think!  Sprinkled with all that cheese!  Mmm….

But the “C’est Magnifique” piece must come to this!  This comes straight from the Cookbooks!  A lemon meringue pie.  Oh, it’s sooooo  good!  Zesty, tastes and looks great!

And let’s not forget the Tiramisu..  Yes, it doesn’t look as nice as the flashy lemon pie..  But look to the details!  I think those yellow stringy bits are orange / lemon zest.  Which gives this Tiramisu a light, airy, “spring” flavour!  Amazing!

So yes…  Since there are seats now……  Go go go! @ www.jamieoliver.com/italian/hongkong


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