Best Fishball Noodles

With the Singapore elections coming up this weekend, there’s a lot of “Singapore” in the news lately…  And so, on a somewhat related thread…  when people think of Fishball noodles, they often think of Singapore.  Rarely Hong Kong, which seems to be THE place for Yum Cha, Pineapple Bun, Cheong Fun, Seafood, etc.  But rarely, for fishball noodles.

Well, is that because Singapore’s Fishball noodles are better?  In my view, noooooooo……..

Before we start to eat, try Googling “Singapore Best Fish Ball Noodle” vs. “Hong Kong Best Fish Ball Noodle”.  You’ll see that there is no consistent winner / top list in Singapore.  Well, having tried many stalls in Singapore while I lived there, I think that’s because there is no clear winner.  Good, but not THAT good….

Now, you may say that’s a bit biased.  Well, maybe.  So let’s go to the taste.  Oh, by the way, one of the best fish ball noodles in Hong Kong, can be found here:  On Lee 安利 !

First up, the menu…

And then, ta-da, the fish balls!

You know why this is so good?  You can actually tell by the photo…  If you had been googling like I suggested above, and visited a site such as this (, you can see that all Singapore fishballs are white.  Pearly white.

But fish meat is not white.  It’s silver-greyish.  So yes, this “best fish ball”, is made from 100% fish.  So fish, you can taste the fishy taste in every fish ball.  And that’s what makes it great!

Now, if one bowl of fish ball noodles isn’t satisfying, how about some dessert!  This butter condensed milk toast should do just the trick…

Having seen all the above…  Go try it yourself!  It’s really worth the half hour waits!  And then, you can brag to others that you’ve just had the best fish ball noodles..  ever!

Address: 22 Shau Kei Wan Main Street East, Shau Kei Wan, Shau Kei Wan Main St E, Shau Kei Wan
Phone: 2513 8398


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