The Belgian Beer Cafe in my Hong Kong home

A favorite eatery from Auckland that I miss here in Hong Kong, is the Belgian Beer Cafe!  In particular, its mussel pots!

And so, on a whim one weekend, I decided to make a mussel pot!  Which was surprisingly easy!

Let’s introduce the dishes first..

#1:  A tomato mozzarella salad!

#2:  And..  Ta-da..  Mussels cooked in white wine in a …  pot!

Well, the first dish then..  SO easy.  First, get some tomatoes…

Followed by a block of mozzarella cheese..  Which I got here for..  HK$5!  Yes, it was on clearance, but so cheap!!!

And now, for dish 2…  The mussel pot!

First, some white wine..  Any old white wine will do, about 1 cup worth…  More does no harm.  And some tomatoes, onions, lightly grilled to add some flavour!

And then..  Mix it all up, start the fire, and boil to perfection!

A really really easy dish pot that will surely impress!  The soup was soooo seafoody-sweet!


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