Thailand – Air Conditioned food!

In Thailand, street food is a MUST TRY.  But then, on very hot days (which is often the case in Thailand), some air conditioned comfort is in order…

Which brings me to Cafe & Meal.  A nice little Thailand restaurant featuring new, fusion Thai cuisine in the comfortable environment that is Terminal 21 in Sukumvhit –

A nice lychee smoothie for the initial cool-down!

Followed by a nice appetiser in the form of a Spring Roll – With cheese and ham at its core!  Mmm…  Nicely crispy savory!

Now, for the main.  Don’t under-estimate this!!!  It’s really spicy!  Chili-crabmeat-spaghetti!  The fresh juicyness from the crab mixed with a spicy lime sauce definitely awakens the tastebuds!

And finally….  What is this?  It’s a Hainese chicken rice…  Yes, no kidding!  All packed within a crunchy shell!

What can I say!?  Just a fantastic meal..  Air conditioned!


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