A little bit of Singapore in Hong Kong

This is a bit of a late post, since “Ya Khun” has been open in Hong Kong for more than a year already….. But yup, with toast box, Killiney and Ya Khun, there’s really no need to travel to Singapore anymore!  Well, unless you prefer the kaya toasts of “Wong’s”! So how’s Ya Khun? Let’s start with the Laksa, shall we?  Egg?  Tick!  Fishball meat?  Tick!  Prawn?  Tick!  Beehoon?  Tick!  Laksa soup?  Tick!  Hmmm, what’s missing……………….    Sea hump!!!!!!!  Yup, it’s nowhere to be found!  FAIL!!!!! So, with the disappointment from the Laksa, let’s see the Mee Siam.  Thankfully, this is 100% the real deal…! Toast?  Ah…..  Glad that they didn’t miss the kaya nor the toast nor the thick slab of butter! And finally, the egg!  Hmm, is it just me, or does it look better than those you get in Singapore?  Must be better hens in Hong Kong!


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