Creative Japanese!

I took a long hiatus from writing cause well, life was kept busy in Hong Kong. But I’m back now, and gosh, I have so many many nice foods to share with all foodies! So! Stay tuned for more restaurant food, and in addition, my upcoming culinary creations! Yes, I’m going to write about cooking too, cause it’s also about food…… 😀

Now… For my 1st reutn post! I honestly forgot which Japanese place this was, but it was really good!  So if someone can tell from the photos, do remind me please!!!

Now, even though I forgot which restaurant it is, I do remember the taste!  The above is a “new” Tuna Tataki!  With a hint of mustard and wasabi mayo to add some zest, this was a burst of flavour in a mouthful!  Not to say, it looks really pretty too!

Now, what’s this?  This is a risotto and crab-meat ball!  Poke it open, and the just-right warm rice with crab-meat oozes out!  Topped with a little truffle sour cream…  Mmmm….!  Very very creative, and I must say, not bad at all!

Now finally, the dessert!  Looks just like any other bland swiss roll, right?  But nooo…  The cream inside is strawberry flavoured!  Soft strawberry cream with a heavenly sponge cake, this marks a perfect end to a really good Japanese dinner!


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