Flying in the 80s…

Think back!  When’s the first time you flew?  What plane was it?

For me, it was a Boeing 767-300 on Qantas.  So yes, that was in my memory the oldest plane I took.  So if it was still around, it’ll be….  25 years old?

BUT…  That’s nothing compared to this “First Air” Boeing 737-200 (yes, 737-200!!!) that is about 40 years old!

So, here we go!  Upon entering the plane, there’s this slightly smoky smell..  Kinda like those very old carpet smell that you hits you walking into an old castle….

But ahh….  On these old planes, legroom is EXCELLENT!  “Cattle class” in those days is nothing compared to now!

Anyone still remember the old “dial” and earphone plugs?  Ahh…  So nostalgic…..

And so yes!  There I was, flying in the freezing artic circle in an ancient plane…  Love the engines on this!  Still fully aluminium covered and not painted at all….

I love every single detail on this plane!  Proper taps!  A soap tray!  A “flick” call-button!

Really loved this old plane to every little detail!  Oh, you can still fly it by the way!  For you lucky folk in Canada, if you’re going up to the Northern Territories, don’t fly Air Canada!  Choose your local Inuit-run airline, First Air!  They serve a very nice proper pancakes breakfast too!

I love planes and air-travel.  And I must say, this is THE BEST flight I’ve taken EVER!!!!


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