Sheraton High tea

Hong Kong + Afternoon Tea + Good view + Somewhere that allows booking + Good Value…. This is the question I was faced with when I tried to think of a good place for my friend’s birthday tea!

The answer?  Sheraton in Tsim Sha Tsui!

What a spread!  Not just the obligatory 3-tier high tea, but there’s 4 here!  Perfect for a late lunch too!  Mmm, and I like the silverware…

Now, for a close-up of each layer.  At the bottom, you have the savouries…Love that char siu puff, here’s a good example of HK-western fusion, it doesn’t always go well, but here it does!


Skipping the “scone level”…  Here’s the sweets!  Mmm, 2 levels for the sweets, perfect for a sweet tooth like mine!  That’s a rapsberry macaron….  Soooooooooo  sweet!  In a good way!

And here’s the rapsberry cake…  Mmmm…  Just a tinge of sourness which goes amazing with the sweet, at the right moisture but not being too mushy!  Yum!

And oh yes, last but not least…  A gorgeous view of the Victoria Harbour!


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