Kenting night market

Last post, I wrote about Kenting (in Chinese) and all the seafood specialties that are found there!  Well, besides seafood, another famous spot for food would of course be the Night Market!

Every night, the Kenting Main Street just fills up with stalls on both sides of the road, and with people.  Meanwhile, the cars just stop moving.  So yup, don’t drive through there, you’ll be stuck in the car for hours and just get to watch people eating and enjoying…

What foods are there?  Well, here’s a pizza truck!  Yup, wood-fired stove and all….

There’s Xiao Long Bao!  Not just the normal type, noooo…  These are the Crispy Xiao Long Bao that comes in all different flavours!  Think M & Ms…  Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, with many flavourings…

Pasta Cup-Noodles…  Yup!  PASTA fusion in a cup!

Egg-tart / Egg-cake….  Flour + Egg yolk + Sugar + Baked…  Is that an egg-tart or egg-cake?

And finally, the invincible “Golden oolong bubble tea”!  Ooooohhhhhhhh………………………


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