This is a fantastic find!

It’s hidden in a little corner of Hong Kong where you’ll never expect there to be such a nice place…  Well, to be exact, it’s “Mei Foo”, a sleepy little neighbourhood where you won’t expect to find much good food, much less Italian!

But there it was, “Mia Trattoria” !  A small little place with only 4 tables, so you better book ahead!  Or, you can choose to relocate and live in Mei Foo and order takeaway from this place, which was also very popular judging from the number of phone calls that kept coming in!


This garlic baguette is really good, hot and crunchy, and the heavenly aroma of fresh bread and garlic just fills the whole trattoria!


And here it is, a proper Italian Trattoria dish!  A very nice scallop and mushroom risotto…

And you know what the best part of this place is?  That those 2 dishes combined, doesn’t cost more than $100!  Yup, such a steal, in ever-increasing HK prices!

Well, next time you’re in the neighbourhood, you know where to go!!!


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