So, this is 22 Ships back in Wanchai, Hong Kong.

It is a “Spanish Tapas” eatery, lots of hype, busy at all times, and fabulous reviews on Openrice (a local eatery website).  And…  I am disappointed!

Like this Paella…  One would have thought it was simple enough.  But the mix of salty parma ham with a salty tomato base makes this paella…  SALTY!  Ugh!!!  All I could taste was salt!


Same goes for this…Liver pate with bread..  Good enough.  But then, they had to add that bone marrow paste that you see in the right of the photo…  Water please!!!!!!!!


And finally, the suckling pig..  Staple of every Spanish tapas joint…  Ahhh…  This was good!?  Yes, it might have been, if they didn’t add that red cabbage on top and totally spoilt the crackling on top…  Why on earth do you add red cabbage!?!?!?

Average price per person came to about HK$280 for lunch per person…..  YIKES!  Sometimes, buzz is just fuzz…  This place has great decor, but the foods just can’t cut it…


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