If you have been to Singapore, you’ll probably see lotsa old shophouses around.  I must say, they do a bloody good job of preserving the heritage, must give some credence la..

And in such heritage shophouses, one can find many different unique shops.  This one in particular, is now a kopitiam…  OK, coffee shop might be a better description, since it’s more Ang-mo (i.e: western).


From the facade, you probably wouldn’t guess that it’s anything else but a hardware store, what with the iron fence and the damn misleading sign…


But yes, they do serve coffee here…  And teas.  Or, in local terms, “Kopi” and “Teh”..


And ay, don’t play-play ar…  Their coffee CAN le…  Yes, it comes in a cup…  Their coffee CAN be very good…


Decor wise is… Hardware store lor, what do you expect.  Quite funky la…  Drink kopi in hardware store.  Enough to attract you over?  Hope so!


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