Yup!  My next 3 blog posts will pay homage to the many foodie blogs from Singapore.  Unlike “Openrice” in Hong Kong which features great reviews of almost any food outlet in Hong Kong, there’s no equivalent in Singapore.  And so, people there rely on blogs!

So, here’s a Hong Kong foodie writing about Singapore..  Warning:  Singlish will be used……  OK ar....


Now, what better food to write about first, than the good ole Roti Prata.  Ai, nothing beats a good prata, ok!?  It’s good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or basically any meal…..




So, as you can see, a Prata is basically just a flour pancake.  But be careful hor…  It’s not naan bread, ok?  Prata is prata.  Naan is Naan.  Naan is not as soft or oily, so not as nice.  Don’t anyhow go to a stall in Singapore and say you want to order Naan hor, very malu…


So, prata = flour pancake.  What is so nice?  I tink ar, the best part is that it’s hot everytime.  It is always made fresh.  Of course, unless the owner think you’re sotong and give you cold one…   Hot prata, fresh prata + good curry = Cannot beat.



Of course, curry is spicy la…  So, a good old Ice Milo will do the trick as drink + dessert.  You are sure to find a drink stall close to a Prata stall, so try this combination if you have the chance!

Anyway, don’t just take my word for it.  Go try one la….  A typical prata is only S$2…  Damn cheap!


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