At the Fairmont Banff

This is the premium dining venue at Banff Fairmont, and it just ooozes of extravagence…..

Stepping in, you can just imagine that you’re a russian oligarch, and step in with an air that shouts “money is no worry here, I have tons”…


So then, what foods are served to a Russian oligarch?  Tuna tartare to start!  With white truffle mash…..  Mmmm…  Interesting taste on the palette!


This dish meanwhile, is a lot more main stream.  Wagyu beef cheek cube, it just melts with every bite!


And what is this?  White fish with baked almonds and tempura white-bait..


Dessert is a choice betwen a much more down-to-earth chocolate brownie, white chocolate and pear mousse….


Or a valhorna chocolate rum pear and cake!

Overall?  It was a special special dinner indeed!


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