A real Neapolitan Pizza

What’s a “Neapolitan pizza”?  It’s the first time I came across this term….

Well, it turns out that a “Neapolitan” pizza is actually known as a “Napoleon pizza” in Hong Kong, which is basically a simple pizza made with “Tomatoes and Mozarella cheese”, as defined by Wikipedia.

Normally, I wouldn’t think twice about ordering this pizza, cause if it’s from the Pizza Hut, it’s just a bland tomtato pizza.  Ahhh..  But not so here at the Pizzeria Libretto in Toronto, which is just simply fantastic!  One of the best pizzas I’ve had, hands down!


Just a bit about this pizzeria…  Remember to make a reservation!  Otherwise, be prepared to wait for hours, it’s that popular!


A seal of confidence?


Every table starts with a complimentary plate of fresh pizza bread, with spicy olive oil, to get the tastebuds going!


And these are…  Fried rissoto balls!  Fresh basil leaves + tomtato salsa makes for a great tantilising starter!


So do the lamb skewers, which are done JUST nicely…  A bit on the oily side, but hey, that’s cause the lamb is so succulent!


And last but not least, the pièce de résistance!  The thin crust is JUST RIGHT!  Crispy at first bite, but with a teeny bit of chewiness which goes so well with the fresh tomato and spiced lamb toppings we ordered!  It’s hard to exactly describe how good it is, but trust me, if you’re in Toronto, it’s worth it to make a reservation and try out this great pizzeria!


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