Johnny Rocket

“Johnny Rocket” – A real American taste!

Yup, the “Johnny Rocket” I went to was in a good ole American Mall, big American flag hanging inside and all….

For my readers who are not from the USA, I would definitely recommend visiting this hamburger chain, just to soak up the “american” atmosphere.  Remember the “elvis style” diners, with jukebox, red lounges against white tiled walls?  Yup, you can find all that here at “Johnny Rocket”!


Yup, even Coke is served in a good old fashioned tall soda glass!


Food-wise, it’s only so-so though…  The “original hamburger” is not that good, it’s just a plain bun with some mushrooms and a thin beef patty.  Fries are better, but nothing to shout home about…

But hey, go to “Johnny Rocket” for the decor, for the roaring 60s feel!  You’ll love it!


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