Burgers – The Canadians got it!

Earlier this year, I went to Canada for 2 weeks…  And if there’s one type of food that Canadians have really mastered, it’s definitely burgers!  

I guess that’s why I had almost 10 burgers in those 2 weeks!

Now, I got this “BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomato) burger” at the casual restaurant next to the Niagara Falls.  But even at this “tourist trap”, the burger tastes amazing!  Fresh crisp lettuce, cheddar cheese, thick beef patty!  Yum!


And this…  Yes, technically, it’s not a burger, it’s a bagel.  Looks good, right?  But…  This is from McDonald’s, it’s the Omelette Bacon & Cheese bagel!  And it looks great!  It wouldn’t look out of place at a premium deli, but it only costs C$5 ish…

If you’re finding good food in Canada?  Just go for some burgers, you won’t go wrong!


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