Anyone still remembers A&W?  No, not just the root beer, the fast food restaurant! 

Yes, I think it has all but disappeared from the Asian countries, possibly with the exception of Malaysia?  But in Canada, it’s still one of most popular fast food chains…


Ah yes, the trademark Orangey color of A&W!


And I must say, A&W is one of the best fast food chains, if not the best for FOOD!  Yes, they do offer a limited range only, you basically choose either a beef burger or chicken burger, fries, a soda, and that’s it.


But the quality more thank makes up for the lack of choice!  This simple hamburger wouldn’t look out of place at a gourmet burger store, or even at a bakery cafe!  The lettuce is fresh, the tomato is juicy, the cheddar cheese melts in your mouth, and the beef patty is yum!!!

Will someone see a business opportunity to bring back the A&W brand into Asia?  With the burger craze now, I think it’ll prove to be quite popular!!!


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