The “original” Starbucks

Over Christmas, I went to Seattle…  And of course, being a coffee person, how can one not go to the 1st starbucks?

So here it is, the 1st Starbucks, on Pike Street, Seattle!


Frankly, the 1st Starbucks doesn’t look all that different from the thousands that followed after it.  Other than the original logo (see white hanging sign near the top left), this could have been one that’s right in your neighbourhood.  No big sign that shouts “The 1st starbucks”, which is why I almost missed it!


Inside though, it’s a little more rustic.  The menu is written down on a chalkboard, and big wooden tables with planks for seating cover the coffee-house.  Lighting is dimmer, not as harsh as the “chain-stores”…  Less corporate smell, more coffee aroma…  Yes, there is a hint of the “original starbucks” in this store…


Hmm, and what about the coffee then?  Well, it’s no different at all, to the Starbucks in Wuxi, China (hehe, made that up).  But yeah, it’s the same in this store, to keep it consistent, I guess!

So, this store is definitely worth a visit!  Come though, to trace Starbucks origins, come to get a feel of the “original”, but if it’s just coffee you’re after, just go to the one in your nearest mall.


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