Canadian cuisine… ???

I read a foodie article that went like this…

Canadian cuisine had been under the radar for some time, but of late, it has been gaining popularity……..”

Uh, I beg to disagree.  For 2 simple reasons.  First, there is no real “Canadian cuisine”.  And second, if there is any, it’s just a bland taste of fusion foods…


To show this, I went to “Eat”, in Stanley Park.  One of the highest rated “Canadian food” restaurants on Yelp.


To show my 1st point, here is a bowl of clam chowder.  They call this, the “British Columbia” clam chowder.  Last time I checked on Wikipedia though, there is no mention that this clam chowder originated anywhere from Canada…



And to prove my 2nd point, that so-called “Canadian foods” are just a bland mix of fusion cuisines..  Here is a “Maple-glazed BC Salmon with Pita Bread and Canadian potatoes…   Uh, this just tastes bland…   It’s like steamed salmon with a tinge of maple syrup poured over it…

Nope..  I don’t think there’s any “stand-out” Canadian cuisine to be found…..


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