Comfort food

The past 2 weeks for me has been torture…  Back-to-back classes and work, without rest.  So, in the midst of such heavy workload, what better than some good ole comfort food!?

And when it comes to comfort food, I think there’s really no better then Denny’s!  I remember fondly of the Denny’s I used to go to back in New Zealand.  Greasy, fattening, gluttony foods!  Mmm….

So, on my recent trip to the United States, Denny’s is a must-stop!


This is Denny’s in Seattle, along the Pacific Highway!  Typical typical Denny’s!  Classic diner decor!  Just walking in, it feels warm (literally, cause it was a freezing -5 celsius outside), and so welcoming!


Time to settle in then!  What better to represent comfort foods, than Mac n Cheese!  This classic US staple accompanied many TV dinners, late night suppers, perfect for any occasion really!


And for some real gluttony, try this!  Philiy cheese steak wrapped in a thick ham omelette, with potato hash!  Mmm, so good……………..

I’m trying to find something that comes close in Hong Kong!  Any suggestions of such a place will be greatly welcomed!!!



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