Food @ the Northern Lights

Following my trip to Northern Canada, where I saw those magical Northern Lights, so many people have asked me…  What is there?  It must be so hard going there!  It’s so cold there…

Well, yes!  The cold part is true, the coldest temperature was -41 degrees celsius!  But other than that…..  I must admit, it was pretty easy.  Especially the food, it’s so good!


And the best of the foods there!?  STEAK!  Juicy, succulent, grain-fed Alberta beef steak!


CREAMY Canadian butter!


FRESH greenhouse lettuce from the Vancouver….



But yes, the BIG steaks were really the best!  This T-bone costs C$40, roughly HK$280.  At that price, you cannot get a steak that is as good as that anywhere in Hong Kong!


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