An oyster buffet, and so MUCH MORE..

This is THE buffet for fellow oyster foodies!

That’s the good news..  The bad news? Well, if you live in Hong Kong, you’ll need to fly to Singapore!

Of course, if you’re reading this Singapore..  without further adieu, let me introduce the Equinox buffet..  (or “compass rose”, if you’re from the 90s)..

So, gorgeous view aside from the very top of Singapore, the buffet spread is equally attractive!

Seafood includes Crab!


Caters also for cheese lovers!


Fresh tuna and many varieties of salmon!

And those were just the starters!  Main-wise, thankfully, its actually ordered and cooked per person, rather than the usual mess mass foods!  So that means, for me and my friends…

A very nicely done herb-crusted salmon..

Pork belly rich with sauces..

And a deep sea barramundi!

By now, you’re probably thinking its quite enough..  All that sumptuous food, this buffet is good enough just for the oysters and sashimi!  But noooo….

The best is saved for last…  for the sweet toothed amongst us…


Chocolate gateau..  This is good enough for the hotel cake shop in the lobby, but to make its way into a buffet, I was very pleasantly surprised after my buffet gorgings!


Here’s just a small sample of what’s on offer…

Go here for the Equinox buffet:


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