The best italian food in HK


If you think that the steak in this photo looks yuck, I’m glad you see it that way…  Cause it’s by far the best steak, done in the Italian way with thick sauces in Hong Kong, and I’ll rather selfishly prefer that this little restaurant in Chai Wan stays a hidden gem….


And likewise for the fish, a delightful sea-bass cooked to perfection, just right!  Look at the foam from the sauce!  You know that it’s going to be good just telling from those bubbles!


And finally..  just to kick it in that it’s an authentic Italian ristorante and not those pretend chain caffe habitus…  The panna cotta dessert is amazing!  Not too sweet, just the freshness of the milk rightly blended with a tingy sweet-sourness from the fresh berries!  Mmmm…….


And where can you find this?  “Palco ristorante”!  Go search for it!


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