A new chapter in my life of food and love

Hello to my new blog!

Yes, after Xanga (which still sort of exist), I’ve moved here, to my blog’s new abode!  Hopefully, wordpress will have a longer fate than Xanga…

And this move…  comes at quite the right time.  It does seem that Xanga was part of the “old me”, a place where I started writing from secondary school.  Where my 1st post there, was of a childhood love story (hehe, you can still see that here:  http://serenddipity.xanga.com/2003/04/   ).  Things were really really simple and unburdened looking back!

But over the past break when Xanga shut down and till now, so much has happened.  My maternal grandma passed away, my paternal grandma was in and out of hospital and now is resting in an elderly home, friends are engaged and shall soon be married, my friends have gotten busier and busier and I see them even less now, and I’m very close to the magical mark when I hope to get married before then

So really, the change to wordpress here, is kind of fitting.  A new chapter!  I hope that this blog will be a new chapter which builds on top of my warmth-filled cherished memories from Xanga, but will also have even more happenings and developments!  More food!  More love!  More life!  More sharings!  And so most importantly, I do hope that you, my dear friends, will visit me here regularly!


So, maybe it’s fitting if I start off my blog with a new post on food and love!

You know what…  2 months ago, I had the most delicious food ever.  It was a soup that once sipped, it made me cry and my heart filled with warmth.  It was, one last soup left in the refrigerator by my grandmother before she went up to heaven.


So, here they are…  For my 1st post, let me introduce you, to the 2 best chefs in the world.  For 1 of them, you’ll have to make a booking with her in heaven.  For the other 1, she’s retired, so you can probably get on the waiting list first.


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