Pastrami Sandwich!

Just before leaving LA, I was (re)introduced to a yummiest food that I had previously thought was yuck… A pastrami sandwich!

Had this at Phil’s Deli at the Original Farmer’s Market! And wow, this Pastrami sandwich was not the dry thin slices of salty meat I previously had from a bad Pastrami…

Noooo, this was so juicy, full of flavour, and was a delight with every bite!


Hola Tacos!

Besides visiting the U.S.A, I took a brief visit down to Mexico! Partly for the immigration stamp that sits proudly in my passport, but also for these:

Proper authentic tacos! And these are the real deal! They taste amazing cause they’re super uber FRESH!

The fish fillets, prawn scallions and chicken breasts are all soooo succulent and juicy! Mixed with fresh crisp veges in a crunchy taco shell, there really isn’t anything comparable outside of Mexico!

When local, eat local!


Original Pantry Cafe – Original LA

This cafe is truly a representative of LA. Open 24h, to serve all the film crew over-nighters, serving generous big portions of hearty meals, and no frills but with good service!

Truly an icon of LA, a visit here is like going back to 1924 when it first opened! This being the time, hey, just remember, it’s Cash Only!


Cheesecake Factory

So what other foods are representative of Los Angeles, besides In-and-Out burger which I recommended last?

Well, how about Cheesecake Factory!? After all, the first shop was opened in Beverley Hills!

What do i love most about this place? The big portions! Huge chunks of cheesecake, generous servings of rich creamy pasta, appetisers that look more like mains.. yup, this is definitely an American restaurant!

Just make sure to save some room for the cheesecake desserts!


The perfect burger for Plane-lovers

Burger fans love this place, Plane fans love this place…. Match them both, and it’s irresistible!


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So yes, this explains my long absence! I was away in Los Angeles, and going through LAX, it’s almost criminal not to go through In-N-Out burger!

And I can see why! The burger with the secret sauce and the loaded fries are soooo good! And the planes passing past every minute, well, that just makes it a great blast eating here!

So, make sure to go here when you pass through LAX!


KFC – Korean Fried Chicken

Somehow, the Koreans really seem to “do chicken right”!

There are tons of KFC shops in Hong Kong ever since the K-fever swept in a few years ago, and one of the best of them, and still is, is Goobne!

Succulent chicken pieces, never dry, with yummy sauces! Ooh, and nice side dishes such as egg rolls and cool drinks!

The only thing to watch out for would be the tummy! Oh, and that oh so yum but guilty feeling……



西多士有心,因為老闆對每一塊都是親自手作 – 由落單、打蛋漿、至煎炸過程還做埋收錢,都是老闆親自落手!


Here: 泗益