Hong Kong’s Tsukiji market!

When it first opened, the earliest reservation was more than 3 months away!  Now that the long queue have disappeared, is it worth the hype?


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Well, I’ll say it’s good, but not worth the HK$40 average or so for a piece of sushi! Yes, the fish comes fresh daily straight from Tsukiji (hence the name!), but the quality is not that much different from Genki sushi…  Or maybe my taste buds are not that picky….

Tsukiji yamataka @ HK: www.yamataka.hk




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之前聽過好多次 “松久 信幸 Matsuhisa Nobuyuki“,直存著敬畏,好想試下 ”Nobu” 究竟是怎樣的一回事!

今日香港超熱,終於有機會來下消暑!果然名不虛傳,餐廳沒有只得一個“貴”字!其實亦不算太貴,set lunch $300 有找!

講返食物!終於明白為何 Nobu is Nobu! 每樣材料的配搭都好特別,無想像過的配搭的結果都是oishii! 


網址下: noburestaurants.com


Hello Instagram!

Can you believe that I’ve stayed away from Instagram all this while!  Just unbelievable for a foodie!

But yes, I’ve finally succumbed….  It’s just sooo much easier to write and post photos of food and fun!  But rest assured!  My blog here will still be alive and well!  The blog will take care of the text while Instagram will be the photos…..  I’m sure you get the idea!

So yay, say hi to my 1st Instagram photo + Blog post!


Lunch coffee…  At Hong Kong International Airport today!

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