A short meal break in KL

In a few hours, I’ll be flying off from Hong Kong!  YAY!

Which led me to think back of my last trip, which included a stopover in Kuala Lumpur!

Now, take this from a frequent traveller:  If you’re after cheap and good food, there’s really no place like Kuala Lumpur!  

OK, maybe that was a teensy weensy bit exaggerated.  But KL really has good food!

Like..  Really traditional Chinese food.  The type of cooking that’s hard to find now, even in China.


This is a “Fukien” Noodle.  Dark soy sauce, loads of it, stir-fried with noodles.  This is really as authentic as it gets.


Drinks are cheap too…  Whole coconut?  A couple of “ringgits”, almost as cheap as water.


Some Indian-influenced cuisine?  Like this Roti Prata…  My favorite staple!


Or how about some good ole traditional Malaysian fare?  Nasi Lemak, Kaya Toast, Chai

So if you’re going to / stopping over KL, remember to save an empty stomach!

Happy travels everyone!


Costa coffee

In Hong Kong, there are almost as many Starbucks + Pacific Coffee as there are McDonald’s + KFC.

Surprisingly though, these are the only 2 chains that have survived.  Coffee Bean + Tea Leaf (very popular in South East Asia) are nowhere to be found, and nor is Costa coffee.

I do wonder why, cause of the big coffee chains, Costa coffee really is my favorite.



Cause I’ve never had a bad coffee with them.  Never.


Like this Mocha from one of the stores in London.  Just the right amount of espresso, frothed milk + cocoa powder.  Mmm…


And their foods aren’t bad too!  Like this Toastie, thick, freshly baked breads with LOTS of cheese…

Is there any hope of a Costa in Hong Kong?


Copenhagen Street Food


I love Copenhagen!  It has the European charm, is so walkable and cycling friendly, it’s safe, people are nice, and very importantly, it has such great food!


And one of its hidden gems, is that of “Copenhagen Street Food“!

As the intro goes…  “Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen (Paper Island) in Copenhagen is the city’s first and only genuine street food market.  It’s a mish-mash of food containers, stalls, and food trucks!

So, let’s sample the fare, shall we?


Now, this is what they call an “open sandwich” in N. Europe.  It’s very popular.  Basically, it’s a piece of sourdough, barely wide enough to support the big chunk of Mayo + Bacon bits + Veg + yummy dressings that lies on top of the bread!  I don’t think there’s any way of eating this neatly, but if you shove the entire thing in 1 bite, it makes for a very tasty filling treat!


Next up, this is a “Duck rillettes served with Duck Fat fries”.Mmmmm…..   See more here, including a recipe!

Copper & Wheat


And I could only manage so much!  But there are tons more yummy eateries there, all with cuisines from all over the world!  Cheap, good food in a snazzy environment!  What more can one ask for!?



A Copenhagen afternoon tea

只有英國的 “Afternoon Tea” 先出名?

如果這樣想,你就錯了。其實在歐洲,每一個國家都有它“特色”的 Afternoon Tea.  例如,西班牙的 Afternoon Tea 就是 Tapas.  而我最喜歡的,就是比較冷門的 丹麥 Afternoon Tea.



首先,因爲丹麥的 Afternoon Tea 平民好多。需然它的 Tea House 依然好華麗,但價錢貼近 Delifrance 多過 四季。 所以,日日來食都得!




而最後。。  丹麥的 Afternoon Tea 是有熱食的!歐洲不少時間都是比較冷冰冰的,係英國食 Afternoon Tea, 好難會有種“飽足”的感覺。呢度就唔同喇。。  大大一Pan, 幾正!



Welcome Break!

I adore highway pit-stops.  

Somehow, it’s the combination of getting behind the wheel for a long road trip, an oh-so-relaxed mood while on holiday and the curiosity of stopping at different places while using minimal effort (just to get off on a short off-ramp).

So for when I lived long-term in Auckland, I always made a point to stop by McDonald’s everytime we drove south.  Ahh, good old breakfast stop.  Must stop, no matter what.

So for my last “self-drive” holiday, which was in UK, how could I resist?


They call them “Welcome Break”!  And each is fairly similar…  Featuring a Drive-Thru Starbucks Coffee…


You can see that I stopped for coffee though…


Oh, and really, the BEST  fish-and-chips.  Not the pretentious kind that you find in London Central.  But the good old fashioned BIG-AS fresh fillets.  YUMMY!


Geiste – Danish Tapas

Of all the restaurants I’ve eaten, this restaurant in Copenhagen is probably the BEST.  


Link:  restaurantgeist.dk


Let’s start from the menu, which is clean, simple, bistro style.  So you get the feeling right from the start that this place is not pretentious (by big clunky menus), but rather, a place for a good night out!


Next up, the breads win me over…  I’m a big “breads” person, the type that will ask for second and third helpings even before the meals come.  And this place was heaping us on with free-flow freshly baked breads of all sorts of varieties, so that’s a big tick-tick!


Now, every restauraunt needs to find something to stand out from the rest.  Here, it’s the emphasis on freshness plus creativity.

This 1st dish is a steak tartare….  Makes for such a nice appetizer…   You probably can’t tell from the fresh leaves covering it, but put a spoon into your mouth, and the raw freshness of the steak is..  Mmm….


Next up, Norway Lobster with Yuzu and Hibiscus…  You probably can’t tell, once again, by its outlook.  But trust me, it is FRESH, and it’s amazing how all these flavours blend so well together.  Such creativity!


Now, let’s get on to some mains.  And this dish is lovingly called “Heart of lamb with Cherries and Wood Sorrel“.  Yes, these are diced lamb-hearts, with heart-shaped leaves finished with a cherry based sauce…

Very different to anything I’ve ever tried, but once again, so good…..  


And last but not least, dessert…  And this, is a….  Cotton Candy?  No.  It’s a “Air Tiramisu”.  Fancy that!


THE Duck & Waffle

https://duckandwaffle.com/With all the latest talk of Brexit, I thought it would be a good time to restart my blog with a latest review of the Duck & Waffle, which we went to back in Easter…


Now, what is special (I think) about this place, is that it is high up…  In a tall building called the Hereen.  Which in London, is pretty rare…

But hey, does the food match up?


This place is impossible to walk-in, so we did a months ahead reservation, managing only though for Supper…  So, for supper, here’s “Duck & Waffle”!  What else!?

Which is good.  Better than Denny’s waffles.  Nicely fried egg.  Duck was NICE, but small…


Steamed egg!  Hmm, with duck?  Ahh, this was much better…  Properly hot, rich sauced.  Mmm, nice supper!


And to end supper?  Some desserts, which I had in the form of a “Chocolate Banana Toffee Ice Cream waffle”…  Loved how they caramelized the banana..  Mmm…

Overall experience?  Duck & Waffle is a great restaurant with good food, which, open 24hrs is a great place to go for some snacks..  Problem is?  The looooong waitlists will mean that you can’t just show up, even if you’re suddenly craving for supper.  Kinda defeats the point, doesn’t it?

Link:  https://duckandwaffle.com/