Hi Jamie…

Yes, it has been more than a year plus since Jamie opened shop in Hong Kong, but I’ve only tried it recently…  Why?  For the simple reason that I have always been avoidant of queues.  And this Jamie Oliver’s had queues of up to a few hours only up until recently….

So yes, I’m finally here!  Hello, Causeway Bay Jamie’s!

So, let’s start with what the waiter strongly recommended.  A buffalo cheese tomato salad.  Hmmm…  It’s nice.  Not great though.  Nothing spectacular.  The waiter should probably have chosen a better dish to recommend as his personal No. One.

Now, this second appetizer was much better!  A simple meatballs wrapped with bacon baked in Tomato Ragu…  Mmm…..  Tantalizing!  I can imagine Jamie just dumping everything in this bake-dish, adding a “dash” of Olive oil, and then shoving it into the oven, and…  Voila!

So, on to the Main I had..  Which was a very very very very very nice Pork Milanese!  You’re probably thinking, that you can find this at any old Cafe de Coral with its 炸豬扒!  But noooo…  This was so much better!  I think it really comes down to the meat, it’s fresh from Spain, I think!  Sprinkled with all that cheese!  Mmm….

But the “C’est Magnifique” piece must come to this!  This comes straight from the Cookbooks!  A lemon meringue pie.  Oh, it’s sooooo  good!  Zesty, tastes and looks great!

And let’s not forget the Tiramisu..  Yes, it doesn’t look as nice as the flashy lemon pie..  But look to the details!  I think those yellow stringy bits are orange / lemon zest.  Which gives this Tiramisu a light, airy, “spring” flavour!  Amazing!

So yes…  Since there are seats now……  Go go go! @ www.jamieoliver.com/italian/hongkong


Aberdeen Street Social

New western restaurants have been popping up all over Hong Kong, but I am scared of them…  Why?  Cause the decor is nice, the prices are high, the foods are pretentiously great but in reality it’s an utter let-down *cough* 22 Ships…..

Not so this one though!


Aberdeen Street Social at PMQ in Central, one of the newish restaurants in town, is great!  FOOD, EXCELLENT!

Now, they start with some complimentary bites of churros (a little hint of truffle infusion) and a nice bite-sized muffin….


Next of ciourse is a starter..  Of which I chose the tuna tartare..  Again, excellent!  Nicely decorated, fresh, mix of dried tomato with the tuna mince makes for a great appetizer!


Main…  You can tell that my blue cod on top of a bed of risotto is just right!  Mmm..  loved the crispy-skin.


And here is my friend’s pork belly.  Not bad too, apparently!

I didn’t have a chance to sample the dessert this time around, but I’ll be back!  If you’re in the Central area, do try this excellent find!





蛋牛治!不少人的 favorite!




Best Fishball Noodles

With the Singapore elections coming up this weekend, there’s a lot of “Singapore” in the news lately…  And so, on a somewhat related thread…  when people think of Fishball noodles, they often think of Singapore.  Rarely Hong Kong, which seems to be THE place for Yum Cha, Pineapple Bun, Cheong Fun, Seafood, etc.  But rarely, for fishball noodles.

Well, is that because Singapore’s Fishball noodles are better?  In my view, noooooooo……..

Before we start to eat, try Googling “Singapore Best Fish Ball Noodle” vs. “Hong Kong Best Fish Ball Noodle”.  You’ll see that there is no consistent winner / top list in Singapore.  Well, having tried many stalls in Singapore while I lived there, I think that’s because there is no clear winner.  Good, but not THAT good….

Now, you may say that’s a bit biased.  Well, maybe.  So let’s go to the taste.  Oh, by the way, one of the best fish ball noodles in Hong Kong, can be found here:  On Lee 安利 !

First up, the menu…

And then, ta-da, the fish balls!

You know why this is so good?  You can actually tell by the photo…  If you had been googling like I suggested above, and visited a site such as this (http://ieatandeat.com/top-3-best-fishball-noodles-in-singapore/), you can see that all Singapore fishballs are white.  Pearly white.

But fish meat is not white.  It’s silver-greyish.  So yes, this “best fish ball”, is made from 100% fish.  So fish, you can taste the fishy taste in every fish ball.  And that’s what makes it great!

Now, if one bowl of fish ball noodles isn’t satisfying, how about some dessert!  This butter condensed milk toast should do just the trick…

Having seen all the above…  Go try it yourself!  It’s really worth the half hour waits!  And then, you can brag to others that you’ve just had the best fish ball noodles..  ever!

Address: 22 Shau Kei Wan Main Street East, Shau Kei Wan, Shau Kei Wan Main St E, Shau Kei Wan
Phone: 2513 8398




事關 – 它的芝士火腿 omelette 是我食過最好最好的!

你看看!幾多火腿!再加埋塊厚厚的 cheddar cheese, 他就是我每個星期必食一次的早餐,亦是令我越來越肥的原因!

唔信?去 “東南” 試下啦!

電話:2560 0622


The Belgian Beer Cafe in my Hong Kong home

A favorite eatery from Auckland that I miss here in Hong Kong, is the Belgian Beer Cafe!  In particular, its mussel pots!

And so, on a whim one weekend, I decided to make a mussel pot!  Which was surprisingly easy!

Let’s introduce the dishes first..

#1:  A tomato mozzarella salad!

#2:  And..  Ta-da..  Mussels cooked in white wine in a …  pot!

Well, the first dish then..  SO easy.  First, get some tomatoes…

Followed by a block of mozzarella cheese..  Which I got here for..  HK$5!  Yes, it was on clearance, but so cheap!!!

And now, for dish 2…  The mussel pot!

First, some white wine..  Any old white wine will do, about 1 cup worth…  More does no harm.  And some tomatoes, onions, lightly grilled to add some flavour!

And then..  Mix it all up, start the fire, and boil to perfection!

A really really easy dish pot that will surely impress!  The soup was soooo seafoody-sweet!



去佐好幾“集”日本,係時候返來啦。。  其實,香港作爲食物天堂,都是名不虛傳伽!



一大碗的豬紅。。 大擔大擔食,正啊!