Dragon Noodles Academy

This is a really funky place! The food is so-so, some good (like the saliva chicken 口水雞 ie: Sichuan style chicken), some tried a little too hard but doesn’t taste all that good (like the chicken wing pops which were just tasteless and bland).

But they are all soooo creative! Top marks definitely for creativity! It’s definitely Chinese-Asian cuisine, but not as you know it! Even everyday dishes like har gow 蝦餃 are spruced up and dressed beautifully!

Not surprising then that this is a sister of the Yum Cha chain, which offers really cute dim sum! http://dragon-noodles.com/


Nostalgic Ice Creams

If you grew up in the 80 90s of Hong Kong, you’ll surely miss the nostalgic designs then…. There’s a bit of old fashion sense, when things are not so refined. In Cantonese terms, somewhat “老土” “LO-Tou”.

But somehow, it’s really captivating. That sense of 老土 seems to remind us that things don’t always have to be perfect, don’t always have to be the best; instead, character and being unique are just good enough!

And here’s an exhibition / limited pop up shop selling ice creams just to give a dallop of that 80s Hong Kong nostalgia!


Madam Moch

Last blog was about starred fancy dining in Siem Reap Cambodia, which wasn’t that satisfying really….

So for a change, here’s some really good local fare… which is SO good for its price! Here’s Madam Moch’s Khymer Restaurant!

The Thai beef salad is so fresh and so beautifully made and crisp! And the Lok Lak (stir fried pork with rice and egg, a staple in Cambodia) has deliciously seasoned tenderised meats with a happy sunny side up egg! Add that with a thirst quenching watermelon shake, this was THE best meal I had in Siem Reap!

Our tuk tuk driver recommended his friends restaurant to us, but hey, here’s their website by my recommendation! http://www.madammochkhmerrestaurant.com/


Cambodia Michelin Star Cuisine

Been sometime since I last wrote, and that’s because foodie here had been off to the USofA and Cambodia!

So, let’s start off with some high class dining in Cambodia, shall we? Ahh yes, the oxymoronic nature of fancy dining in a poor country. But as you’ll see, the dinner was one of the most disappointing of my entire trip…..

Cuisine Wat Damnak. By a French Chef. He makes use of local ingredients, and tries his best to make a fancy meal. And for that, I really commend him…..

But hmm, I dunno… somehow, there’s a lingering sense that I want a nice thick bowl of curry, some Asian style noodles, a satisfying cheap meal in this hot hot country. So instead, the delicate and small plates weren’t really satisfying. Like the curry. I had barely enough curry. The ribs? So thin! And that was the feeling thorought this meal!

Oh well… If you’re still keen on fine dining in Cambodia: http://www.cuisinewatdamnak.com/


Congteakafe 茶咖宅

Just by the name, one can tell this is a funky Hong Kong tea restaurant 茶餐廳!

And it is! The restaurant is authentic, but hey, there’s an espresso machine! There are the usual 冰室 foods such as pineapple 波蘿 baos, but hey, those can come with a fish fillet too! Yup, it’s all about east meets west, the best of both worlds here!

And most importantly, it works! The foods great, but thankfully, the prices are still good old chachanteng prices!


Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

In Hong Kong, there’s a very strange phenomenon…. Here where there are soooooo many choices, there are those traditional Western classical restaurants that charge a ton of $$$ in exchange for good food. Yup, a ton of $$$$$$$

Such as this, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in the heart of central. $880 for a rib eye! Gosh!

Yes, it was a very good steak… but along with that juicy steak, one can feel his heart emptying in anticipation of that hefty bill.

Yet somehow, there are people who come. This is the strange phenomenon I’m talking about. Or is it that there are such rich people in Hong Kong that $880 means nothing?

PS: I ate on a discounted limited menu… Though I really doubt all the other diners were on this menu.