Shinkansen sushi!

Remember the 1st sushi restaurant you went to?  For most of us, I think it’s fair to say that “Sushi trains” and “Sushi” have come hand-in-hand.

Well, over the years, Sushi has certainly involved.  No longer “fancy Japanese food”, they’re now as common as a sandwich (hey, maybe even more so) and there are probably as many sushi outlets as there are McDonald’s.

Well, how about that Sushi train?  Now…  It’s no longer JUST a conveyor belt!

It’s a Shinkansen!!!!!

Which serves your just-made sushi directly to you!


How it works:  You order from a fancy touch-screen monitor, and a few minutes later, the train delivers your sushi!  It waits for a few seconds, sounds a buzzer (to remind you to collect your sushi fast!), and then it zooms away!  How fun!


In Hong Kong, available at selected Genki sushi:  www.genkisushi.com.hk/en/




於是,就找到呢間超 sweet 的課室!

就係呢兩位老師啦!佢地非常非常有心機教,又好傾。得知,原來佢地係男女朋友,一齊開呢個課室,將佢地喜愛整蛋糕的技術分享。。  Wa, 係咪好 sweet 呢!!!!

好,返返來整蛋糕。今次,我朋友要整 “Rarity”!  就係呢只!

哈哈,其實有無人聼過?我就真係未啦!不過朋友仔話好出名???  真的嗎?  Hmmm…

Rarity: http://mylittlepony.hasbro.com/en-us/ponies/rarity/




Cooking extravagantly…

So far, my cooking has always been “family friendly”!  But tonight, I decided to spruce it up a little…  So….

Ta-da!  Lamb racks!

A good lamb rack in Hong Kong will set you back more than HK$300.  Here’s a beautiful piece from a New Zealand farm….

First step:  Lock in the juices!  Easy enough…  After marinating with some salt and pepper, just sear it on all sides till it becomes brown….

Second step:  Add a thick layer of pesto…  Yes, I’m going for roasted lamb racks….

Third step:  Set the oven for 210 Celsius…  Just keep checking that it doesn’t burn…..

And once the pesto cover becomes ever slightly burned?  Take the lamb rack out, and cut to serve!

A easy easy, but expensive dinner!  


Ham & Sherry

Now, just before we went to this place with my fellow Foodie pals, a friend exclaimed with excitement that this was opened by the same people who owned “22 Ships”, which was also on Ship Street in Wanchai….  To which, I flatly commented that 22 Ships was “ugh”…  But she still insisted that this place was good, so here comes a review….

In short..  Still..  “ugh”!

Parma Ham….  Really expensive parma ham.  This platter costs close to $200?  Hmm….  Nothing spectacular….

Deep fried squid!  With squid ink sauce!  And this was….  Well, just as nice, actually, maybe less, than those fried squid you get in Chinese dim sum restaurants.  And the squid ink sauce?  Well, I can’t taste anything….  And yup, this costs another $150-200-ish.

Choritzo on ciabatta!  Now, this was good, with a nice honey glaze!  Now, if this didn’t cost another $100 or so I’ll say this was very good, but it did, so for sausages on bread…  This was OK.

Paella was good.  But it was another $200 dish and I was still hungry!  Btw, I had to share this tiny little bowl with 2 others..  Thank goodness by this time they said they were getting full!

And finally, the dessert!  Which I had high hopes of……….  And fell flat.  The little red rectangles there are carrots.  Honey glazed carrots.  On top of a cherry sherbet.  With red beans.  With some weeds from a poor little garden bed.  Yes, this was supposed to look like a garden bed.  WHY????

So yup.  We were then off to pay a $300 dinner bill each.  I was still hungry.  Very unsatisfying.  Bad restaurant.


簡單容易 ~ 和牛炒飯!


#1:  煮飯。(懶的話,唔洗米都得,唔會影響味道)。。。

#2:  炒一炒牛肉粒!應該全港N多閒超市都實有伽!

炒得唔係太熟都 ok…

#3: 加埋D飯落個 wok…

#4: 最後,上碟,加些 parmesan cheese 調調味。。  搞掂!

Cooking so easy!


Goobne Chicken – From Korea!

The menu says : “Korea’s No. 1 oven roasted chicken“!


Well, who can resist such a claim?  Let’s try!

And yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, it’s so good!  I can see why people get addicted to such stuff!  It’s tantalising on the taste buds, spicy and hot, but not to the extent you have to keep washing it down with a drink…  And it’s tender on the inside!  It’s like..  KFC on steroids!  Mmmm…..

Other than the chicken…  Nope, they don’t do much other foods at all.  Here’s one of the few, and quite popular food items other than the chicken.  An egg roll wrap!  Great with all the sauces!

Ahh, and people come here for the drinks too!  Here’s a blue….  Orange slushy!  Goes great with the spicy chicken!

Want to try and taste some Korean chicken?  Yes, Goobne’s quite authentic!  It does help when it has all its Korean legit heritage to back it up!

Goobne in Hong Kong:
Address: 4 Hart Ave
Phone:2311 0001
Open till 4am!


Roti Prata with EGG

每次去新加坡,Roti Prata with EGG 都是我必食的!在那裏,基本上間間熟食中心 Hawker Centre  都會有。。。

係香港,無 “with egg” 版本,點算?自己煮啦。。。

咖哩,原來是最容易的。煮熟D雞,加咖哩粉。。  好快搞掂!

好!到個薄餅啦!我係超級市場買佐即煮個款。。  打算加只蛋落去,就得!?!?


睇落,係咪有點似係新加坡食到個D 呢?都有9成伽!可惜。。  味道上,實在無得比。。  完全唔脆。。。