Kith @ Singapore

So, lots and lots of new cafes opening in Hong Kong, and also apparently, in Singapore!  Now, the Hong Kong ones are really top-notch, with good coffee, good food, great decor, amazing style.  Albeit in hard-to-find off-beat places.

How’s Singapore’s?  Let’s check out Kith…

Oooo, look at the scrambled eggs.  So good!  And the thick slabs of wholegrain toast, can’t go wrong with that!

Alas…  Quality starts to drop right after that…  The bacon, as you can see, is super dry.  Not the crispy full of flavour type though.  This is dry, period.  Just a 50/50 for the “All Day Breakfast” that makes / breaks a cafe…

Now, what about the vegeterian selection?  Mushrooms?  Fab!  Bread?  Great!  Veges?  Uhh, not so much…  The proportions are not quite right too..   You can see that the chef obviously is penny-pinching here..  Less the expensive cheese, more the cheaper greens…

Now, on the Truffle Fries!  Somehow, Singaporeans are crazy for this…  Well, how are the Fries?  As they say…  OK la..  So-so la..  CAN.

So, how’s this cafe overall?  Hmmm, not as fantastically good as I hoped it would be, but it’s a nice place to fill up your stomachs, watch the day go by…  If this came to Hong Kong though?  I think the high rents will kill it in a few months….

Kith: www.kith.com.sg/branches/park-mall/



先前,我去完新加坡同埋日本返來。。  在呢兩程,“飛機餐”都非常好味!



對,就是 “Jetstar”!


呢程由新加坡,所以買佐成盒 Bengawan Solo 糕點, 睇落係咪好正呢。。。



Honestbee – “We bring your groceries to you”!

Honestbee:  “We bring your groceries to you“!

No..  That’s not their official slogan, but it’s basically their services in a nutshell.  They have just expanded from Singapore to Hong Kong recently (anyone try before….  ?) and I was invited to try out their services…

And so I did!

Very cute bag…  Certainly got the attention of my colleagues!

Here’s their ordering page:


In Singapore, they network with the big supermarkets like NTUC, etc.  Here, the main bulk comes from “GREAT”!


Felt like having a western dinner, so, my intended menu was as follows:

  1.  STEAK!
  2. Mashed Potatoes
  3. Some greens….

Unfortunately though, they’re still in their infancy so I couldn’t find any of those powdered mashed potato mix..  Hmm….

Eventually ordered:


All set!  Ooooo, for those who are wondering what’s the difference with HKTV Mall, this “Honestbee” is MUCH FASTER with delivery (same day!), more expensive, and less variety…  If you want to put it in a nice way, more “Premium“!

And here’s what I ended up with…  Ta-da!

Which was…..  Bad.  Spot……The ONE steak.  With the original price label of..  $140.  Eh, doesn’t tally with the shopping receipt?

Tomatoes are really nice though.

Not the eggplant.  That was a surprise.  But this IS the difference between online shopping <-> seeing the real thing..  Oh well.

This steak (singular) is REALLY NICE though!

Goes well with the tomatoes, and….  A frozen pizza from the fridge.

Overall comments on Honestbee?  Nice website, GREAT try!  Very good customer service (hmm, wonder if they will see this post and make some amends!?) (*hopeful thinking*)….  The ordering items part still needs some work though.  But hey, more competition is always good for the consumer, right?  Here’s hoping they succeed!

If you do want to try it out (oh, but do check the items ordered carefully): www.honestbee.hk


低調高手 – 雞蛋仔!



而在筲箕灣, 就有這間很出名的低調高手!!! (所以其實都唔係好低調。。。。。。。)


Facebook Profile 的低調高手!

Address: 筲箕灣筲箕灣東大街76A號Shop B3, G/F


Japanese @ Home

Hong Kong-ers just love Japanese food…  Sushi joints, japanese styled buffets, Yakitori shops…  You’re bound to see a queue in front of these restaurants!

Of course, I’m no exception.  Japanese food seems to be healthier, is always beautifully presented, and with such a variety of flavours (Raw=Sashimi, Fried=Tempura, Steamed=Chawanmushi, etc), what’s not to like!?
So, I set about creating a home-made Japanese menu!

And so, I decided that the main would be TEMPURA PRAWN!

Which turns out to be much harder than I thought…

Of course, some “Green”, or rather, “White” is needed for a balanced diet.   Tofu with sesame dressing!

And here’s some protein!  Grilled mackerel!

So anyway, back to the Tempura Prawns..

So, how did I make the above?  For the tempura prawns, first step…

Covering the prawns with batter.  Which I self-made with Tapioca Starch and Flour.  Of course, if you’re lazy, or want better results, you can always go the easy route and just buy some “Tempura batter”!

A second easy step…  Deep-frying!

As for the grilled mackerel, this was just simply done by pan-frying it…  The tofu is really the easiest.  Just buy some ready-to-eat tofu, dress with some “roasted seasame sauce” which you can find in all supermarkets, and that’s it!

Oh, but cooking must include some failures.  Here’s one..  A way over-steamed Chawanmushi!

So that’s it!  Instead of queing at all those japanese restaurants for hours on end, why not try a Japanese dinner at home?


台灣 @ 觀塘

唔使去台灣,唔使搭飛機,只需去。。。  觀塘!就有“臺灣” 餐食啦!

對呀,在觀塘的工廠大廈裏,能找到這間充滿童年回憶的 ”小時光“!

先看看功課紙!哇,好多字,好難  抄  選啊!

包括。。  很棒的臺灣便當!有雞排,有滷肉!


小時光: https://www.facebook.com/scoool.hk


Healthy Chinese cooking

Healthy and Chinese cooking does not always come hand-in-hand.  Quite often, people equates Chinese cooking to being oily, deep-fried foods, stir-fry, fermented foods, etc.  But that’s not all true.  Here are a 3 dishes that are healthy, and oh, so easy to make!

The 1st is a personal favorite, and 1 that is bound to come across every Chinese table..  Steamed fish!

I believe I don’t have to go into the details for this, right?  Just buy a fish, wash it clean, dry it.  Then, steam it!  Add soy sauce to add flavour!  Done!

Now, the 2nd…  Egg with chives!

So, step 1…  Chop the Chives like a mad man!

Step 2:  Add in a slurry of scrambled eggs..  Fry till well done!

And now, this final dish is probably the EASIEST ever!  Fish cakes!

Just buy some minced fish meat…  Lightly season with some salt.  Fry, till golden brown on both sides, then add a bit of white pepper to add taste!  And it’s done!

Completion time for 3 dishes: 30 mins max!  So easy, right?