Flying the Norwegian Way

For those friends who know me (or read my blog / Facebook), they’ll know me as one who will just take all sorts of planes and airlines.

Well, that’s absolutely true…  I have no loyalty whatsoever to any airline, and will just take the cheapest one.  Cause really, apart from how long/wide the airline seat is, I don’t think there’s much difference at all between airlines.  So yes, I take lots of low cost airlines (LCCs)…

One of my newest favorite, is “Norwegian Air Shuttle”!


Why?  Cause it’s cheap, and has a big big network covering the world.  Literally:


Yes, you can make it from Bangkok to New York on a LCC!  Go from Asia to Europe and then onto the Americas, all for everyday cheap prices…  Sounds good to me!

Now, some you may be thinking, that it seems horrible to spend a few hours on a LCC.  But really, what’s the difference apart from the lack of food (which you can buy)???


Here’s 1 flight….


And here’s the other…

All pretty new planes!

Any reason to fly a mainstream carrier like British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qantas – For twice the price in exchange for a meal?  Not for me…..


The Qatar A380 + Dreamliner Experience

It’s been sooo long since I last wrote!  Well, it’s because I’ve been travelling quite a bit…

So, what better way to restart my blogging, than to write about “Qatar”!


Now, Qatar Airways is probably the default airline to click onto for cheap fares to Europe.  While Cathay Pacific and Virgin etc. are selling for HK$5000 upwards return, Qatar is probably selling at the most 2/3 that price.  Often, even less..

(PS: That big teddy bear at Qatar airport should be instantly recognisable by all who passed through the airport.  I never knew why they choose it as a mascot though??)


So, the Qatar experience starts with travelling on a whale.  aka, the A380.


New new new.  With nice mood lighting….


Which goes on all the way into Economy.  Yes, economy has flowers too….


Important tip here:  ALWAYS request for the upper deck whenever you know that an A380 is flying that route.  Why?


Cause you get this cubby next to you…  Sooo convenient, and makes for a really nice armrest too!


Plus, it’s a much quieter, smaller cabin.

Food-wise, hmm, pretty average though.  Weird purple coleslaw, but nice bread!


Standard breakfast offering


And this is another breakfast, on the way back..  Note the nice metal cutlery!


On the way back from London…  This plane took us over Iran.  Which is safer than flying over Mosul, Kirkuk, I guess….


All-in-all, it’s been 2 great great flights!  I bought my tickets return to London at HK$2700 including all taxes.  What a bargain!








2。Pad Thai, 就比較“行”。不過這裡的 Pad Thai, 我真係未試過一間唔好食。


3。泰式春卷 + 沙律!相對港式春卷,我認爲泰式春卷好食好多! 泰式春卷内“函”用粉絲,每條都脹卜卜,口感非常好。而泰式沙律用新鮮的西柚,作爲前菜酸酸地,真係好開胃!





係泰國食野-> 平靚正!


A book-lovers dream in Sydney

Something about books and coffee just go together.

What’s better than reading a book in a cafe?  Having a coffee in a bookshop.


As you can see, this IS a proper bookshop.  With so many many good books.


But yes, it’s a proper cafe too!  With outdoor seating too!


With decent food…  Like my salmon sandwiches…


And of course coffee…

So yes, you can just order a coffee here, sit around, whether in an armchair, or on one of the long tables…  And read.  From young fiction (hehe, which I chose) to mystery novels to bibliographies, this place is a great one to spend a rainy day….

Link:  gertrudeandalice.com.au


Land of fab cafes

I just returned from a land of great cafes…

Yes!  Of all the places I’ve been to, Australia does have the best cafes…

For 2 simple reasons.  They have the highest percentage of cafes that does well in both coffee AND food.  Cause that’s what makes a good cafe…  Coffee + Food!


Look at this beaaautiful mocha!  

Let’s think about the competition:

United States:  Big mugs, but bad coffee

Italy:  Small tiny cups at expensive prices

UK:  Good coffee but not much food in most cafes

Asia:  Chains, mostly.

New Zealand:  Ahh, my hometown comes close.  But the food loses out by just an edge to Australia.


Look at this Eggs Benedict…  Mmm….  Fresh smoked salmon, big yummy eggs, lots of hollandaise sauce at just the right taste plus pretty chia seeds and greens.

I sampled this at: elbowroomespresso.com.au


A short meal break in KL

In a few hours, I’ll be flying off from Hong Kong!  YAY!

Which led me to think back of my last trip, which included a stopover in Kuala Lumpur!

Now, take this from a frequent traveller:  If you’re after cheap and good food, there’s really no place like Kuala Lumpur!  

OK, maybe that was a teensy weensy bit exaggerated.  But KL really has good food!

Like..  Really traditional Chinese food.  The type of cooking that’s hard to find now, even in China.


This is a “Fukien” Noodle.  Dark soy sauce, loads of it, stir-fried with noodles.  This is really as authentic as it gets.


Drinks are cheap too…  Whole coconut?  A couple of “ringgits”, almost as cheap as water.


Some Indian-influenced cuisine?  Like this Roti Prata…  My favorite staple!


Or how about some good ole traditional Malaysian fare?  Nasi Lemak, Kaya Toast, Chai

So if you’re going to / stopping over KL, remember to save an empty stomach!

Happy travels everyone!


Costa coffee

In Hong Kong, there are almost as many Starbucks + Pacific Coffee as there are McDonald’s + KFC.

Surprisingly though, these are the only 2 chains that have survived.  Coffee Bean + Tea Leaf (very popular in South East Asia) are nowhere to be found, and nor is Costa coffee.

I do wonder why, cause of the big coffee chains, Costa coffee really is my favorite.



Cause I’ve never had a bad coffee with them.  Never.


Like this Mocha from one of the stores in London.  Just the right amount of espresso, frothed milk + cocoa powder.  Mmm…


And their foods aren’t bad too!  Like this Toastie, thick, freshly baked breads with LOTS of cheese…

Is there any hope of a Costa in Hong Kong?